We always welcome feedback from customers - here are some comments:


We recently moved into our contemporary barn conversion in the Cotswolds and set about the challenge of furnishing it.  Although we have owned a diverse range of homes, the open plan design coupled with lots of glass, presented new challenges, particularly as it meant that there was practically nowhere to hide things away.  Despite scouring the internet and making several trips to London, we could not find what we were looking for.  Although we saw some interesting pieces, they were never quite the right design, or wood, or size!
We concluded that as this was our long term home, bespoke furniture was the only answer, but who?  Then we remembered seeing some work at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff and decided to take a look.  By sheer co-incidence Rachel happened to be on site, setting up a new display, so everything developed from that first meeting.
Our requirements were diverse.  On a practical level we needed a large cabinet to hide away the ‘home office’ including filing, printers and the like, but designed to fit elegantly into a home setting.  We then wanted a large coffee table with hidden storage for magazines, TV remotes and the like.  We also had an idea for a console table for our dining room.  Working closely with Rachel and Arthur has resulted in some very special pieces of furniture that are both beautifully crafted whilst still being practical.  Our next commission is a hall table to Rachel and Arthur’s ‘Gene Kelly’ design, to add an element of amusement!
The most pleasing aspects have been Rachel’s designs, particularly her patience as we experimented with various alterations; then being able to work through the many practical details with Arthur.  The results are some very special pieces of furniture that work perfectly in their barn setting and which we are delighted with.
Mr. & Mrs Dye - Oxfordshire


We first discovered Rachel and Arthur’s furniture at Craft in the Bay and immediately decided that their interpretation on classic furniture would be perfect in our new home.  We spoke at length to Arthur and Rachel and decided that a bespoke take on their magnificent ‘Empress’ side board would look stunning in our kitchen.  Arthur and Rachel were in regular contact during the whole design and build process, sending us sketches and photographs to confirm details such as our own style of door handles.  The finished piece is indeed stunning and quite beautiful. The contrasting wood door insets and our own special handles, make it a most elegant but truly unique piece.Since our own sideboard, we now have a collection of their versatile furniture, more lovely treasures dotted around our home.

 Mr. & Mrs. Stevens  - Vale of Glamorgan


“We didn’t ever see ourselves commissioning one off pieces of hand made furniture but we now have a small and highly prized collection of pieces from the Cadman Furniture team. The designs are unique and innovative, the materials are selected with an eye to the natural beauty of the wood, and the construction is meticulous. And it all leaves the workshop at surprisingly affordable prices - one of the big virtues of a skilled husband and wife duo doing design and build as a team.
The new web shop offerings look to be carrying the theme into new areas too. We will be very interested in looking at these too.”

Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair - Warwickshire


We’re delighted to share our experience of Cadman Furniture. We were introduced to their fine cabinet making when they became members of the prestigious Makers Guild in Wales and started exhibiting their work at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. Currently we have five pieces of their work – a cabinet and complementary mirror, two other mirrors and a round coffee table. They are all beautifully designed and made using lovely timbers often with exotic burrs. Meeting Arthur and Rachel to discuss your requirements and subsequently consider their proposals is an exciting experience. Their knowledge of fine timbers and their high quality craftsmanship, combined with design flair, leads to pieces of furniture to be treasured.

Mr. & Mrs. Gale - Rhondda Cynon Taf


The extraordinary design and build talents of Rachel and Arthur at Cadman Furniture are second to none. The hours of design and passion that Rachel pours into each unique piece is matched only by the sublime attention to detail that Arthur painstakingly applies. 
This passion is why their furniture is considered by many high profile collectors around the world as a prime investment.
We are very lucky to have such highly regarded furniture and master cabinet makers based in our area. 

 Mr. Taber - Powys


Arthur and Rachel's elegant, tactile and adventurous furniture I have long admired, displayed as it is in Craft in the Bay in Cardiff. When I saw their new line in jewellery cabinets I knew I just had to have one. It combines their skilled wood working with decorative functionality. It was such fun sorting out my earrings and hanging them where I can see them instantly and not have to hunt around for the second of the pair. It means I don't grab the same pair each morning too. I untangled all my chains and rediscovered pendants and necklaces that used to be 'favourites' but had worked their way to the bottom of the box and been forgotten. All this plus a beautiful design on the door, which now graces the wall like a painting. 

The service was completely one off and lovely experience in itself, from the variety of designs Rachel emailed me to be sure I had what I really wanted through to them delivering it to my home and Arthur even hanging it for me in exactly the right spot. 
My new acquisition has been much admired and I know is set to become a family heirloom. It makes me smile each day, a lasting delight rather than a holiday that is much anticipated but over so quickly. 

 Mrs. Dykes - Cardiff


"The gold award winner has to be Cadman Furniture, a wife and husband (or vice versa) team (so you get two for one). Pushing the boundaries of absurdity but never ridiculous or affected; always beautifully put together. Their approach to craft, long-term development, and the thought that moulds every aspect of the work, shows that given continuing application and a little luck Cadman is on a sure-fire trajectory to greater success. Who could fail to embrace with pleasure those sinuous curves!’

Anthony Dew - Judge for Craft & Design magazine


Having seen Arthur and Rachel’s work at ‘Craft in the Bay’ in Cardiff, we decided to talk to them about designing and making a shelf unit to sit in the living room of the apartment we’d just moved into in London.  We sent them photographs of the room and a general idea of what we wanted and, after an exchange of emails with various draft designs, we took the decision to commission.  Curious to meet them and see the workshop, we decided to have the final commissioning meeting there.  We were impressed by their evident enthusiasm for what they do, and the creative ideas flowed freely.  A design we’d seen on their website was reconfigured to our requirements with them adding some of their trademark detailing. We then turned to the choice of materials, and samples of wood and veneer were brought out for discussion.  Arthur explained how he’d go about the manufacturing process.  We enjoyed the commissioning process and the relationship so much that we asked them for a wall-mounted key storage box.  Rachel produced a design quite unlike the one we’d imagined, but one which fitted our requirements exactly.  A commission for two matching side tables followed a year later.  All these items are much admired by visitors who are struck by how ‘different’ the design is, and admire the fine quality of the workmanship.  We love living with these unique pieces – the designs perfectly complement the contemporary environment in which they have been placed.  

 Mr. Hooker & Mrs. Muntus - London


I first came across Arthur and Rachel’s furniture at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff. I liked the simplicity of the design, the quirkiness and the quality of the wood and craftsmanship.  I decided to spoil myself and commissioned two pieces of furniture – a small chest of drawers and a coffee table.  I enjoyed meeting Rachel to discuss the designs and choose the wood – I felt I had real ownership of the whole process.  The two pieces are impeccable and have pride of place in my home. 

Mrs. Jones - Aberystwyth


 We have recently bought two lamps and a creative panel from Rachel Cadman.,

The lamps are quite exceptional . There is significant skill in forming the stylish timber base and designing and making the innovative shades . The end result is a lamp which looks stunning in any location ( one of them is in my office ) .
I have no doubt that they will be very successful . 
We regard the panel as a piece of art and having now hung the three pieces , we love it ! 
How wonderful it is to see unique local skills , from Arthur and Rachel, being so successfully practiced . Very happy customers ! 
Mr. Douglas . Powys  
Hi Rachel & Arthur, thanks so much for the lovely bed, We really think it complements the other bedroom furniture perfectly and feel the room is now complete. Fabulous design, craftsmanship and quality throughout.
Mr Knights - Warwickshire